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About Us

Why choose Topform?


Topform’s success is the result of its unfailing commitment to meet its own, and others’ high standards of excellence in product development, supply and customer service. It strives for excellence in manufacturing, in its staff capabilities, and in the level of customer service provided. It remains innovative on all fronts, and diligent in its efforts to find new ways to save our customers time and money.


Topform staff have travelled extensively to stay abreast of developments in the industry, and to bring the latest innovations, materials and technology to this country. All of its products are manufactured to comply with the highest possible standards, while each individual piece is rigorously scrutinised for defects or imperfections. In this way, the company is able to maintain a level of quality and compliance that is world-class.

Access to industry leaders

Through Topform, customers have access to the world’s leading laminate, stone and marble in the full range of profiles and colours. They also receive quality workmanship to specification, including timely delivery at reasonable prices.


As part of Topform’s commitment to quality, excellence and growth, it has engendered a clear, long-term business plan and vision that will position it well for the future.

This commitment is already reflected in its decision to expand its products, and a general commitment to overseas exports that will result in more jobs for Australians.

Topform’s dedication to maintaining the highest level of customer service is exemplified through the development of an online job tracking system where Topform customers can track their orders, 24 hours a day. This level of service is also evident through the company’s production of high quality products at reasonable prices which is possible through its supplier relationships, excellent workmanship and investment in the latest design innovations and cutting edge technologies.



Email: orders@topformaustralia.com.au
Ph: (03) 9462 6666  Fax: (03) 9462 6688
10 Lucknow Crescent,
Thomastown 3074 Victoria Australia

Customer Tracking System

Track the progress of your project online.